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Published by admin on August 9th, 2014

Hey guys ,

Its been a while for everyone on this list, wanted to reach out and GIVE you what made us over $760 residual income last week just from sending emails.

I got some pretty sweet tricks to show you after you sign up here for FREE <===

Freedom Fighters Network has been going viral across the internet but just in case you are not into marketin anymore maybe you are into ministry or helping others?

Well watch this video of us at the Dream Chasers event in San Diego 2014 <====

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See you there!

Published by admin on August 9th, 2014

Hey guys ,

Its been a while for everyone on this list, wanted to reach out and GIVE you what made us over $760 residual income last week just from sending emails.

I got some pretty sweet tricks to show you after you sign up here for FREE <===

Freedom Fighters Network has been going viral across the internet but just in case you are not into marketin anymore maybe you are into ministry or helping others?

Well watch this video of us at the Dream Chasers event in San Diego 2014 <====

As you can see we LOVE giving back so click these links get started and you can hang with us at Dream Chasers Part 2 in Phoeniz Arizon October 9th, 10th and 11th 

See you there!

Does ZNZ Two Work? Sign Up Here Today & Stop Waiting!

Published by admin on November 3rd, 2013


Sign up for ZNZ Two now and get a personal consult with myself and see how we can better help you in making money on the internet. If you are already making money on the on internet, great lets do it together and rise to the top side by side TODAY..
ZNZ Two is easy because you can complete like 2 quick trial offers and find out how you can get access to how we sponsored thousands of people in other programs.


ZNZ Two is a GREAT program to start out with and if you have money, that does not mean your prospects will. So I tend to use ZNZ ONE and ZNZ Two as feeder programs so that my team can use this to make money and join my OTHER programs. 

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Empower Network 2.0 Reveals a Social Media MONSTER!

Published by admin on July 25th, 2013

Empower Network 2.0 Viral Blogging, Hosting, Video and social media suite is a system that’s BLOWING people away!

Denver Colorado 2013 unveiled Empower Network 2.0 social media suite with lots of new bells and whistles!

The best part is that this viral blogging, social media platform is STILL only $25 to use.

Doug you’re wondering how much is Empower Network 2.0 there it is!

If you’re looking for ENV2 or Empower Network 2.0 you can rest assure this article will explain all!

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EZ Money Method Or ZNZ ONE? Mike Hobbs!

Published by admin on June 26th, 2012

 EZ Money Method is the latest and greatest hype and what is the difference between ZNZ ONE and My PC Backup?

Well ZNZ ONE I have been in for over a year now, brought in 100o’s of people and even went on to bring 100′s of those into Empower Network as well.

ZNZ ONE is a program that pays $20 per 1 offer like Credit Report.com etc. So for every person you refer you will make $20 not bad right? Well just recently MyPC Backup has broken on to the scene and is paying over $120 per referral that signs up for $4.95-$9.95. The only catch is that your prospects must keep the service for at least 28 days.

So what exactly is

MY PC Backup or EZ Money Method?

It is a cloud services online based data storage so you can back up your things like pictures, data, movies and anything else you may have on your computer.

So Mike Hobbs and Adam Whiting have based their sales funnel around MY PCBackup around. This gives you your own custom landing page and sales funnel to be able to sell this data storage through EZ Money Method sales funnel.

So whats the catch and how can a 2-3 year old company afford to pay $120 per sale? Especially on a $6 sale, well the fact of the matter is there is a dying need in todays world for mass storage as every thing is going digital. So if you have a product like MY PC Backup and sell it with dignity and get people to keep the service. Then this company will be able to pay us for years to come. So if you are tired of ZNZ ONE and looking for something that pays more.

EZ Money Method is the next thing out and is currently in beta testing and the only true catch is that you will only get paid every 4-6 weeks from MY PC Backup.

So you are probably thinking why do you keep saying MY PC Backup and then EZ Money Method? Well it is simple because EZ Money Method is the actual capture page and sales funnel provided by Mike Hobbs and Adam Whiting and the MY PC Backup is the actual service we are referring people over to.

So the paychecks or Pay-Pal payments you will receive will be from My PC Backup and not EZ Money Method. So if you are looking to make $120 per $6-$10 sale then you need to sign up now for EZ Money Method and start making money with My PC Backup TODAY! Then after we have many trainings and tutorials on how to market.

So join now and connect with me on Facebook so I can add you to our private EZ Money Method training group and you can meet the founders and some others that will no doubt help change your business and take it to the next level.


Join EZ Money Method Now!




Published by admin on June 3rd, 2012

So you are looking for ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH to see if its a scam or maybe just wondering does ZNZ really work right? Well let me tell you a story about how I can across ZNZ ONE and have been able to have $2000 weeks with this program and many others online.

So back in March 2011 I was let go from my job of many, many years from 1997-2011 I worked for a fast food restaurant. I started at age 15 and up until age 29 I loved what I did here but then I started to realize I was not able to see all of my kids games and go to awards ceremonies like it should be.

Here is my old team!


So I decided to set off online and see what I could do to make an income, so I started affiliate marketing and would write articles for money, do videos or side jobs on Fiverr, do CPA marketing and Amazon which all made me fairly decent money considering I was doing this part time. So after a couple of years doing this and fast forward to March 2011. I was let go for something I could not control.

I then knew I would be fine even with car payments, mortgage, kids etc.. But I kicked my butt into over drive and started marketing and exposing others. So one of my good friends asked me to write him a article about znz, this is the actual article that started it all —> ZNZ ONE

So once I wrote this article about ZNZ ONE I decided to join myself and I went on to sign up over 2200 people into this opportunity. I in June of last year met a now good friend that was searching online for another opportunity called Auto X Ten this company has since went out of business but sprouted on of my most closest business partners.

So I met a guy by the name of Desmond Akil Smith who was into Network Marketing at the time and he followed me into affiliate marketing, but was pretty much already his own BEAST I showed a few things and he tore ZNZ ONE up! So we continued to work together through struggles and making money.

Then November came and he joined a company called Empower Network and since then we have both been able to produce a 5 figure monthly income and are flying out this week of this article and hanging out with David Wood and David Sharpe the co founders of Empower Network. He introduced me into Empower Network and I am still thankful to this day! Here is why:


 This is one days pay!


So if you are  looking into ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH it is a great way to feed people into your other opportunities and make more $$ So get started with ZNZ ONE or Empower Network today by investing time and money into yourself and stop buying crappy software that you do not know what it does!



What Is Payza? New Or Old? Alert Pay?

Published by admin on May 15th, 2012

Payza is the new payment processor on the block or are they? Payza actually launched May 14th 2012 and is taking over Alert Pay. Alert Pay is or was I should say a very well known payment processor for much of the world. But for some type of circumstance I have  not yet looked into they have been taken over with new design, website and overall features.

All I know is Alert Pay seemed to always have some type of minor issue like bank account verification or something like that. So like most know Pay-Pal is infamous for freezing internet marketers account or limiting their access. So for many Alert Pay or from now on out I promise to say Payza is a nice looking alternative.

I have made a video going over the website a bit and also got some footage of when Alert Pay was still Alert Pay. So if you are wondering whats the difference between Payza and Alert Pay well almost nothing except for:


Want Even More Services And Flexibility From Your Favorite Payment Processor? You Got It!

  • Smartphone & mobile phone friendly
  • Global bank wire loads in more currencies
  • Global bank wires in 4 currencies
  • Enhanced customer support
  • And more!


  • The same account (with your money in it)!
  • The same personal, business and financial information!
  • The same login and password!


The great thing is that you still have the same account as you had with Alert Pay, same login info, same username, same ole everything so the only thing you may notice is the new design and that its now called Payza!

So check out my video on the new site they call Payza and go ahead and sign up with my link somewhere on this page. I would do the same for you :)



Payza payment processor may very well be the solution for 2012 but you must make the choice! So take some time to review Payza and its new features and get used to your new Payza backoffice and decide if you want them to be your solution.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain using Payza as your new merchant or credit/debit card provider. So I will update this post as time passes and we will see if once Alert Pay now know as Payza is the honest solution.

2010-2012 has been a mini circus of payments being taken online, battles with Alert Pay being able to process certain transactions for certain companies and certain areas of the globe. So lets all hope that Payza is the payment processor we have all been waiting for!

Payza is claiming to have many, many new up and coming features so I will constantly update this blog with more Payza information in regards to them having the upperhand in regards to innovation.

Payza Review

Payza Reviews

Payza Alert Pay

What Is ZNZ ONE Review?

Published by admin on April 30th, 2012

znz oneSo you are probably wondering what is ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH right?

Well like most people that sign up, they need to know that is legit and ZNZ ONE is not a scam. From experience most ZNZ ONE users will go on YouTube or Google and search for the “best sponsor” to join. So you may be thinking what does a “best sponsor” in ZNZ ONE consist of? Well let me give you just a few ideas so that you know more or less:

1.  A mentor that offers support, training and phone support minimum of once a week.

2. Someone who has integrity and looking to help others

3.  Someone with some online marketing experience preferably

But the big question is what must I do after I sign up for ZNZ ONE ? Must I post on craigslist for ZNZ? Must I do YouTube videos for ZNZ ONE? Must I post on BackPage for ZNZ ONE? Well all of these techniques will for sure catapult you to some kind of success. But the fact of the matter is that ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH is merely a numbers game and the more videos, articles and content you produce, the higher probability you have of getting a sign up or potential lead.

So if you are wondering does ZNZ ONE work? Then wonder no more as there are thousands of people making money with this and will continue to make money with this. Its all about how you go about putting out your advertisements like in Craigslist, Backpage and other classified sites.

You can use keywords in your titles to rank in the search engines as well. This works very well when trying to rank for certain keywords like ZNZ ONE, ZNZ BIG CASH and other keywords.

So stop sitting on the fence and join ZNZ ONE today so that you can experience the abundant lead flow that my team and I have been able to experience!


What Is Zooplr??

Published by admin on April 26th, 2012

So you are probably wondering what is Zooplr?



Well luckily for you I was at an event this weekend that contained some of the greatest industry leaders in Internet marketing. Dean Kosage and Jonathan Budd came on the stage talking about gamification and what it is going to do to change the Internet marketing industry.

Mr. Jonathan Budd and Myself


Gamification has become one of the largest trends in both off line and online marketing. You have probably seen this take place in your own area, whether it is a subway, car wash or any other off-line business who is gamifying their business. You see over 60% percent of the whole world in some way shape or form is now lame games. So the fact of the matter is that in Internet marketing we have a very difficult time keeping people’s attention span.

I mean for example I am sure you have a downline or Facebook group, maybe just something that you are building. But once you start building you’re very motivated to make your business work, but you cannot seem to find your downline for people that are supposed to be interacting in your Facebook group. So the trend is becoming that of people, teams, and Internet marketers that need to incorporate gamification into their business.


So it is being found that when implementing this technique into their businesses, sales, customers, and all-around traffic for their off-line or online business using releasing dramatically. Why? Well think about it, if an average Joe joins a program that he needs to pay attention to and work, post blogs, do videos, and other marketing strategies. How effect is think that he is going to be if used consistently and constantly playing video games.

So what if YOU stopped pushing your people, mind F$@#ing your people into joining our businesses and trying to push them into doing things they normally would. But you then focused and created a system of some sort that would teach them to be held accountable, reach new goal benchmarks, and reward them as they do well.

Do you think that you would be able to get more people to pay attention to what you’re doing? I thought so, so you’re probably thinking what does this have to do with Zooplr right? Well let me tell you because this company will launch very soon and you will see that gamification will Change the Way, Internet marketers interact with their people.

Jonathan Budd and Dean Kosage founded Zooplr

and are going to release more information very soon. But in a nutshell is a suite of applications that will engage you with your customers in ways you have never seen before!

So I have done a video up there on this blog which you might have already watched about gamification. If you are looking to build a huge team in your Internet marketing business, as well as give them a pitch free and totally free training make sure to click any link in this post and I hope this helped you figure out what and how Zooplr and gamification will impact you!