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What Is ZNZ ONE Review?

Published by admin on April 30th, 2012

znz oneSo you are probably wondering what is ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH right?

Well like most people that sign up, they need to know that is legit and ZNZ ONE is not a scam. From experience most ZNZ ONE users will go on YouTube or Google and search for the “best sponsor” to join. So you may be thinking what does a “best sponsor” in ZNZ ONE consist of? Well let me give you just a few ideas so that you know more or less:

1.  A mentor that offers support, training and phone support minimum of once a week.

2. Someone who has integrity and looking to help others

3.  Someone with some online marketing experience preferably

But the big question is what must I do after I sign up for ZNZ ONE ? Must I post on craigslist for ZNZ? Must I do YouTube videos for ZNZ ONE? Must I post on BackPage for ZNZ ONE? Well all of these techniques will for sure catapult you to some kind of success. But the fact of the matter is that ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH is merely a numbers game and the more videos, articles and content you produce, the higher probability you have of getting a sign up or potential lead.

So if you are wondering does ZNZ ONE work? Then wonder no more as there are thousands of people making money with this and will continue to make money with this. Its all about how you go about putting out your advertisements like in Craigslist, Backpage and other classified sites.

You can use keywords in your titles to rank in the search engines as well. This works very well when trying to rank for certain keywords like ZNZ ONE, ZNZ BIG CASH and other keywords.

So stop sitting on the fence and join ZNZ ONE today so that you can experience the abundant lead flow that my team and I have been able to experience!


What Is Zooplr??

Published by admin on April 26th, 2012

So you are probably wondering what is Zooplr?



Well luckily for you I was at an event this weekend that contained some of the greatest industry leaders in Internet marketing. Dean Kosage and Jonathan Budd came on the stage talking about gamification and what it is going to do to change the Internet marketing industry.

Mr. Jonathan Budd and Myself


Gamification has become one of the largest trends in both off line and online marketing. You have probably seen this take place in your own area, whether it is a subway, car wash or any other off-line business who is gamifying their business. You see over 60% percent of the whole world in some way shape or form is now lame games. So the fact of the matter is that in Internet marketing we have a very difficult time keeping people’s attention span.

I mean for example I am sure you have a downline or Facebook group, maybe just something that you are building. But once you start building you’re very motivated to make your business work, but you cannot seem to find your downline for people that are supposed to be interacting in your Facebook group. So the trend is becoming that of people, teams, and Internet marketers that need to incorporate gamification into their business.


So it is being found that when implementing this technique into their businesses, sales, customers, and all-around traffic for their off-line or online business using releasing dramatically. Why? Well think about it, if an average Joe joins a program that he needs to pay attention to and work, post blogs, do videos, and other marketing strategies. How effect is think that he is going to be if used consistently and constantly playing video games.

So what if YOU stopped pushing your people, mind F$@#ing your people into joining our businesses and trying to push them into doing things they normally would. But you then focused and created a system of some sort that would teach them to be held accountable, reach new goal benchmarks, and reward them as they do well.

Do you think that you would be able to get more people to pay attention to what you’re doing? I thought so, so you’re probably thinking what does this have to do with Zooplr right? Well let me tell you because this company will launch very soon and you will see that gamification will Change the Way, Internet marketers interact with their people.

Jonathan Budd and Dean Kosage founded Zooplr

and are going to release more information very soon. But in a nutshell is a suite of applications that will engage you with your customers in ways you have never seen before!

So I have done a video up there on this blog which you might have already watched about gamification. If you are looking to build a huge team in your Internet marketing business, as well as give them a pitch free and totally free training make sure to click any link in this post and I hope this helped you figure out what and how Zooplr and gamification will impact you!