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Behind Bakel, there is a woman, a mother and a Doctor: Dr Raffaella Gregoris.Dr Gregoris has 20 years of experience in Skincare formulations, skincare needs and understanding. She has always focused all her efforts on how to contrast the skin ageing mechanisms; her obsession has then been to offer the Cleanest Skincareformulas delivering Superior Skin Results.

With this unique expertise, she could then develop an advanced formulation process to fight against the six main Skin Ageing Mechanisms: the Bakel serum line was born.

Try the BAKEL serums together with our range of moisturising creams that can be used on the face, eye area, eye lids, neck and décolleté. Designed to complete and further personalise the action of the BAKEL serums and also to guarantee the best comfort.

Discover the cleansers: a highly effective cleansing system that respects the skin’s physiology, and protects the natural hydrolipidic film and pH of the skin.

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