Armani Beauty translates a sense of fashion and aesthetic vision into the world of fragrances, make-up and skincare. 

Elegance is key: beauty, simplicity and quality are delivered through products made from the finest materials, designed to convey an understated and timeless sophistication.

Armani Beauty

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"Giorgio Armani Beauty was born in 2000, stemming from the booming success of the legendary fashion powerhouse. However, with a range of iconic makeup products and luxuriously sensuous fragrances, this side of the Giorgio empire has blossomed into a star in its own right.

The Giorgio Armani makeup line was created with one core philosophy – to uncomplicate makeup and to keep it natural. It’s in this belief that star products such as the iconic Luminous Skin Foundation were created, bringing a fresh air of flawless Hollywood skin to any user. Loved and adored by makeup artists, celebrity users such as Kim Kardashian, Instagram and YouTube influencers, and consumers worldwide, it’s a staple of high-end makeup bags around the world.

Over the years, Giorgio Armani has been releasing timelessly elegant feminine fragrances such as the Si range – endorsed by famous actress Cate Blanchett – Code, and more recently, My Way. The brand has created a scent for every occasion as users can choose between chypre sophistication (Si) and floral woodiness (My Way).

However, it isn’t just about women. The Giorgio Armani brand creates sublime fragrances for men such as the sweetly dark Code.

LOOKFANTASTIC are official UK stockists of Giorgio Armani."

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