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Improve your mood and relax with NEOM

NEOM Organics is a wellbeing brand that prides itself on creating 100% natural fragrances. Sleep better, reduce stress and boost your energy with NEOM products. The brand was launched in 2005 in Harrogate, UK, by Nicola Elliott and Oliver Mennell with a focus on creating natural products for busy young professionals to reduce stress and boost your mood when you need it most. The NEOM Organics product range incorporates candles, essential oils and bath soaks to offer superior self-care and stress relief.

All NEOM Organics products are made in the UK from ethically sourced, sustainable and organic ingredients. NEOM candles and oils are designed to help consumers to feel their best every day, boosting energy, happiness and sleep while minimising stress and anxiety. For busy professionals who struggle to find the time to wind down in the evenings, NEOM offers simple and effective at-home pampering combined with gorgeous, natural fragrances.

NEOM products bring the principles of aromatherapy to at-home self-care. LOOKFANTASTIC is an official UK stockist of NEOM Organics candles, diffusers, oils and fragrances. Browse our huge range of NEOM products online today and find organic, ethical products designed to boost your sleep, reduce stress and prepare you for whatever tomorrow has in store.

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