How To Set Up ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH Reviews

Published by admin on March 28th, 2012

So you probably have recently joined ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH. You are looking for a way to promote the program but have no DINERO right? Well if you are looking to sign up for ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH you can click the button below!

Sign up for ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH

But if you are like the many, many struggling ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH reps who are trying to make this program work by doing things like: posting ads on Craigslist, just to get them ghosted, posting endlessly on different classified advertising sites just to get no result, socializing on Facebook 24 hours a day with many rejections and an endless amount of other tactics. Then you know as well as I those things may work but not effectively unless you have a some other tactical marketing techniques.



PROOF —–====>  

So I am going to outlines some important bullet points when crafting an offer or review page for your audience:

*Make sure to tell your visitors what they are watching and what they will get by watching your video

*Tell them what they will get by joining your team (training

*Be 100% str8 forward with your ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH sign ups and do NOT try to SELL them just explain the program and move on!

*Give some type of tutorial or set up video to help your prospects see that helpful person in you

*Show others how to do what you do either in a video or by a written blog post like this one

These are just a few things you can do when crafting an offer for your potential ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH sign ups. But now that you have some tips on how to come across in a blog post or video where do you blog or post videos? Well I am going to outline a few places that I use to do ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH reviews. First I will start with all the sites I use to write reviews and then I will do all the videos sites I use.

Article Sites for ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH reviews

* Better Networker




Video Sites for ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH reviews

*YouTube of course

*Daily Motion


Now that you have a few ways to get traffic to your website by doing video reviews or article views I am going to give you a video that shows you a few more ways to get traffic to your ZNZ ONE or ZNZ BIG CASH sites.


Now that you have more than enough ideas to promote the program go ahead and get all signed up with ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH so that you can start to reap the benefits of this daily pay program! Oh yea start making money too!

ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH can be difficult to get leads for if you do not have the right sponsor so make sure to consider myself and my team as we are helping hundreds of people daily to succeed in this online marketing arena! Click below now to get started!


FB Ecommerce Shop

Published by admin on March 25th, 2012

So you are looking to see if

FB Ecommerce

is a fit for you or not right? If you are looking to make money on the internet but tired of all the traditional ways of making money online like Article Marketing, Video Marketing, SEO and many other tedious tasks you may dread. Then search no more (really) because Mo Miah and his team have created a revolutionary software that takes the new Facebook timeline and ecommerce shops at its finest and allows to sell to the biggest website alive, Facebook!

FB Ecommerce Shop is a unique one of a kind WordPress plugin that has a very user friendly interface that anyone can use! I have attached an image of the sales page so that you can check out the wonderful features before you go to buy FB Ecommerce Shop!

I also have included a video below the video telling you about a special offer I will give to all the people who buy FB Ecommerce Shop from my link TODAY!



FB Ecommerce Shop

FB Ecommerce

shop will save you tons of time when trying to sell online as well as give you the ability to have your users search for a specific product feature on your Facebook Ecommerce site. It is very simple to use and anyone can do it with FB Ecommerce Shop!

Stop wasting your time with outdated materials, fancy ebooks and Clickbank products as they will break the bank and keep you in the endless information loop! FB Ecommerce will allow you to capitalize on the millions of people on Facebook!

The best part is that Facebook is changing alot of things very soon! They will not allow certain things by Facebook rules and regulations. So FB Ecommerce Shops is in compliance with all of Facebook’s rules so that you do not have to worry about Facebook adopting your Facebook fanpage. As many “community”  pages have been taken over by Facebook. Because they do not meet the terms and use of Facebook.


So rest assure that FB Ecommerce will allow you to get the latest updates from Facebook integrated into your new Fanpage!


What Is Biz Op Traffic?

Published by admin on March 2nd, 2012
Biz op traffic

Biz op traffic

What is Biz op Traffic and is it for you?

Well if you know anything about internet marketing at all, than you know that getting traffic for our websites can be one of the most challenging things of all!



Especially if you are trying to get Biz Op Traffic to your site without any experience! Maybe you have tried other things to get traffic to your Biz Op like article marketing, video marketing, social media, blogging, niche sites and more! Yes that is a mouthful!

So I recently came across this system called Biz Op Traffic and the best thing I like about it is that I just have to promote my own link cloaked with Biz Op Traffic link and every time someone click the link I was going to promote anyways!

So in essence Biz Op Traffic works and will allow you to make money and credits off of your referrals. This will then in turn allow you to have a bigger marketing and advertising budget if you utilize Biz Op Traffic effectively!
So stop chasing your tail and start dangling carrots, if you are not sure how to than upgrade to a Platinum package through my affiliate link and I will hold a special webinar for all platinum members!

So you can not only get FREE traffic from signing up to Biz op Traffic here but you can also pick my brain on a special Q&A webinar on the best ways to drive traffic to your new Biz op Traffic links!

So go now and get started with Biz op Traffic and I will see you on the inside!


Jermaine “Lead Monster” Steele

Biz Op Traffic Online Payday System

Biz Op Traffic ZNZ

Biz Op Traffic GDI

Click here to get Biz Op Traffic

Get Endless Leads From Craigslist and Backpage!

Published by admin on September 27th, 2011

So you are tired of your ads getting flagged on Craigslist right? Or maybe Backpage does not seem as nice as they used to be right? Maybe you have tried everything from article and video marketing, SEO, Pay per click advertising and maybe some traffic exchanges or safelists? Well at any rate I can relate to your struggle.

Up until about 9 months ago that is. See 9 months ago I was making about $800 a week with online CPA offers, Clickbank and Amazon products. But then Amazon banned California from promoting Amazon products. So I knew I had to think fast! But I also knew that Craigslist was one of the best places to be able to advertise. But you can only do like 2-3 ads every 48 hours and then to find out your ads got ghosted!

So I got fed up and bought course after course on Craigslist advertising just get sick and tired of looking for the solution to Craigslist. But I also knew my Amazon income was going to drop so I had to replace about $300 a week and knew if I had Craigslist to go with my already powerful online tactics I could reach an easy $5000 a month. I came to find a program and system that made me in the month of august over $4000 with this system alone not including my other income streams. Yes I am the real deal:)

Well time flew and yes I have a way to get you or me or anybody on Craigslist with as many accounts and ads as you may like! No LIE! I also am showing any newbies that buy my coaching a 12 video course on how everything from article and video marketing to PPC, SEO tactics and how to use safelists effectively. 

I have the full solution for you 

So real quick for those of you who do not know me. My name is Jermaine “Lead Monster” Steele I have been marketing online for about 3 years and have learned that hard work pays off!! Being that some of my accomplishments are but not limited to online:

* Making over $1500 in a single week with this same program

*Bringing in average of 8 people a week into GDI(Global Domains)

*Being able to generate over 100 leads in a single day (Yes I have proof)

I can and will help you to grow your online business if you are serious. I am only taking on the next 5 people due to the cost of the information. Now if you cannot afford to invest $397 to get all this  : 

* A technique that will allow you to post endless Craigslist ads

* 500 Backpage ads

* A Blog

* A 30 video series on WordPress

* My personal 12 video course

* 4 1 hour coaching sessions via Skype

Then I am not too sure you will make it in this industry! Because I am basically handing it to you on a silver platter and after I collect my $1985 total from my students I will begin to coach and train and not have any other focus for 2 weeks.

I also will tell you exactly how you can create and mold your own info product and make money that way too! You cannot pass this up because if you do it will be gone! I am honestly only coaching 5 people and this is not some scarcity ploy!

So I look forward to working with you and I know you are on a safelist or traffic exchange right now because this is the only place I put this ad. But on over 56 safelists so this will go fast!

I will get you to the point where you are getting at least 20 leads a day guarantee !

Jermaine “Lead Monster” Steele



What Is The Freebie Cash System Bobby Washington ? Review? SCAM ? Guerilla Marketing 101

Published by admin on September 9th, 2011

As economic recession has gripped the market during the recent times, more and more people are looking for extra income opportunities on the Internet. Though there are some companies who have earned a bad repute, but there are some genuine ones who are paying thousands of dollars to thousands of people every month.

If you search the Internet, you will come to know that ZNZ One is such an Internet marketing company which is offering unique earning opportunity to thousands of people who have started working for them. If you study the work details of ZNZ One you can see that it is a very easy job where the big companies are ready to pay the common people for trying out their products and services. As an associate, one is needed to complete their trial offer and get paid. You will also get paid if you make other people join the company.

After completing one ZNZ One trial offer, you are now entitled to promote the program. You can now introduce more people to the program and earn $20 for every people whom you can make to join under you. After completing a few more trial offers, say around four or five, the person becomes eligible for the ZNZ Big Cash program. After completing the offers, the person becomes eligible to promote the ZNZ One big cash $60 program. Another biggest advantage of ZNZ One system is that you will be paid daily for your efforts.

 So, after joining this unique money making opportunity, you shall not have to wait for weeks to see whether it is a legitimate company or not. Within a day or two, you will find money getting transferred to your account.

You can earn more money by combining the ZNZ Big Cash and ZNZ One into a freebie system. You will have to connect your ZNZ ID # from each sign ups and insert them into a freebie cash system you will start getting credit when they will promote the techniques on their own.

If you have any doubt, the best part will be if you go through any one of the freebie cash system review on the Internet. You will find many websites who have written detailed about freebie cash system reviews explaining everything in details. You will be really surprised to see that how the combination of ZNZ One and ZNZ Big cash into a freebie cash system can boost up your earnings to a great extent.

If you go through the inside of a freebie cash method, you can see that there are various selections like training videos, capture pages, etc. Many people who have made this combination are found to be earning thousands of dollars every week after a certain period of time.

Jermaine Steele      



Published by admin on August 25th, 2011
ZNZ One is a unique business opportunity which has come into the market about three years back. It has been of immense help to those persons who have been hugely affected by recession and were desperately looking for some extra earning to support their home and family.

The company known in full as Zip Nada Zilch has created a storm in the world of internet opportunities. Due to the recession, many people wanted to earn some extra money and joined Zip Nada Zilch. The company has paid millions of dollars to their associates for past three years.

Now many want to know after joining ZNZ One, exactly what type of work a person is expected to do. Actually, ZNZ One is a unique marketing opportunity to the big companies by which they can promote their various products through different trial offers. The companies which are interested in giving trial offers include Satellite TV and Credit Report. These companies are ready to pay some incentive to the customers for completing the trial offers. If you refer many people through your webpage, they will tend to sign up for the trial offers given by various companies.

If a person signs up for the trial offers, then you will get $20 to $60. You can set up a website and with the application of different SEO techniques, must try to drive large numbers of visitors to the website. More numbers of visitors means more traffic and that will lead to more sign ups and a fat earning for you at the end of the month.

ZNZ Big Cash is another program which sounds to be very lucrative. In ZNZ Big cash system, you can get $60 for every sign up and the unique part is that you will get paid daily in this system. Thus if anybody joins ZNZ Big Cash program, then he will not have to wait much to see whether the business opportunity or the company is a legitimate one. As soon as you mature one sign up, you are eligible for a $60 payment and the amount will be credited directly to your PayPal account on the same day. You will really get lot of energy to work when you will find that $60 or more is getting credited to your PayPal account on a daily basis.

If you search the Internet, you will find many reviews of ZNZ One. By reading those reviews carefully, you can get a clear idea of the company and the way it operates. If you can follow the steps as guided by the company, then you will be able to succeed much faster in this business and your days of financial struggle will be over forever in the future.

What Is The Freebie Cash System Bobby Washington ? Review? SCAM ? Bobby

Published by admin on August 22nd, 2011

The Freebie Cash system is an awesome marketing platform that was put together by Bobby Washington himself to help struggling marketers obtain monetary rewards for referring others to ZNZ-ONE. So who is Bobby Washington? Well he is the guy who made over $12,000 in ZNZ-ONE in his first 30 days! Now keep in mind each person for the ZNZ-ONE and ZNZ-Big Cash programs are worth $20 and $60 respectively as of August 21st, 2011 as I am writing this article.

So that means he brought in somewhere around 150 in his 1st month of business. So why can Bobby Washington do that? Is he some ZNZ Bobby Washington superhero? Well maybe, however something even more super is the new Freebie Cash System he put together!

This system has capture page, training videos on ZNZ-ONE and for all you naysayers who might of thought that Freebie Cash System was a SCAM!

Bobby Washington will clear that up on the first replicated video that you can also use!

Where he shows you the Pay-Pal proof of where he made all that money so fast! This video like I said can be used for you in your Freebie Cash System marketing funnel. Or you can even insert your own video into one of the capture pages and brand yourself if you are really ago gettter!

So how does ZNZ-ONE and Zip Nada Zilch Big Cash work? Well its starts of by putting your name, email and phone then being redirected to a video mentioned above. After signing up for ZNZ-ONE which is outlined as step 1 in Bobby Washington program The Freebie Cash System.

You would then complete one trial offer so that you can qualify to promote the program and system as well.

You would then go back to the book marked page where you watched the video and complete step 2 and signing up for ZNZ-Big Cash outlined as outlined step 2 in Bobby Washington program The Freebie Cash System. You would then complete 4-5 more trial offers to qualify to promote that program yourself so you can be rewarded with cash or an Ipad2 as well.

If you work with someone like me The Lead Monster I will give you back $30-$40 of the money that I make for you completing both programs. So that you start off with ZNZ-ONE making money on the first day! Boom!

You then would lastly go back to the book marked page and sign up for The Freebie Cash System as outlined as step 2 in Bobby Washington program The Freebie Cash System. This would complete your set-up of the Freebie Cash System.

You can now start marketing your system and just repeat the process. If you are not sure where to start marketing. Don’t worry Bobby Washington has got you covered there as well. He has a vast array of marketing tools and secret training videos you can utilize some free and some paid tools.

Hope you enjoyed my Bobby Washington/Freebie Cash System Review

But whatever the case you will be learning from the top earner in ZNZ-ONE and if you join me you will also be working and be supported by myself. Jermaine “Lead

Monster” Steele BOOM! 1-2 Punch and you are on your way to winning this bout! So get started to day by clicking the sign up now button to the right>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Jermaine Steele

What Is The Freebie Cash System And Does It Work ? Review

Published by admin on August 14th, 2011

The Freebie Cash System is a FREE lead generating system put together by Bobby Washington to work together with ZNZ-ONE and ZNZ-BIG CASH. So what are ZNZ-ONE and ZNZ-BIG CASH? These are both “freebie” sites paying people each and every day on time for their efforts in completing trial offers.

The way this process works is that the potential “offer completer” or business opportunist will go to the sponsors capture page and sign up with name, email and phone# They then will be directed to a page that explains the program a little more and how you can make money with The Freebie Cash System. 

After watching the video and deciding the program is right for them or not. That person would then complete the ZNZ-ONE trial offer. 1 offer for the ZNZ-ONE program is all it takes to qualify to promote that program.

After finishing the ZNZ-ONE offer that person is then qualified to promote that same $20 program to qualify others to do the same. The sponsor now makes $20 after that person has completed the ZNZ-ONE offer. The next step of that person would be to complete 4-5 trial offers for the $60 ZNZ-Big Cash program. After that person has completed the 4-5 trial offers they are now qualified to promote that same $60 program and the sponsor makes $60!

Some sponsors will pay out $10-$20 to the person that is taking the offers to incentivize the program. I actually offer $35 for both programs if that person signs up through any of my links here on this page.

The next step for that person after they sign up for both ZNZ-ONE and ZNZ-BIG CASH offers is to complete their marketing system for FREEBIE CASH SYSTEM

This consists of connecting your ZNZ ID # that you get from both sign ups ZNZ-ONE and ZNZ-BIG CASH and inserting them into the FREEBIE CASH SYSTEM so that they can get credit when they start promoting the system themselves. 

Inside of FREEBIE CASH SYSTEM you will find many options like capture pages, training videos if you pay for them by Bobby Washington but don’t worry I will train you if you join me here today. You will also find other business opportunities that can expand your income

I have been working with both ZNZ-ONE and ZNZ-BIG CASH programs for over 6 months now and have been on the top 5 on the leaderboard for ZNZ 7 weeks in a row ranging from $400-$1550 in a single week! BOOM! So rest assure if you join my team. You will be helped in promoting your online business from posting ads to getting found on the search engines just like you probably found this article

After you have completed those steps of completing offers and setting up the FREEBIE CASH SYSTEM you can then start promoting using different methods we teach like SEO, article writing and classified advertising. I will give you all the high page rank sites so that you can rank on Google as well when people search for things like




Along with many other search terms that will make you relevant to the search engines and anyone looking to join the FREEBIE CASH SYSTEM. So the question is FREEBIE CASH SYSTEM a SCAM? Absolutely not! This system has been created to create wealth and when used properly can make a lot of people money! So stop wondering if FREEBIE CASH SYSTEM is going to work for you and get started today!

Jermaine “Lead Monster” Steele

*Feel free to contact


Daily Income Career Network Review

Published by admin on August 12th, 2011

Economic recession may force many people to go out of job. Hence many people will be looking for alternate income opportunities to sustain their living. With the advent of Internet, one can find that many home based work opportunities are available through different websites. Some of them are not so high paying and many of them are found to be scam in the real sense of the term.

If you are looking for a good income opportunity from your home, you can join daily income network program. Thousands of people are joining it from different parts of the world and all of them are getting paid.

If you search the web, you will find that there are many websites which have published detail information saying in details about the daily income career network scam. They try to prove with many things that daily income career network scam report is true and all daily income career network complaints over there have been rightly mentioned.

Hence, before joining the system, one must read the daily income career network reviews published thoroughly. After reading the reviews in details, you can get a complete picture about the operating system of the daily income career network.

After going through the daily income career network review, you can see that there are many advantages of joining this unique home based business opportunity. First of all, joining to this home based business opportunity is absolutely free and another unique thing about the system is that you will get daily payments. So, after joining the system, you can see within a day or two that money is pouring into your PayPal account on a daily basis. Very shortly after joining, you will come to realize that all those daily income career network complaints were false.

Daily income network GDI ranking has also been phenomenal. A quick look into the GDI Leader board shows that daily income career income is in the number one position and it is holding that position for the past one month. It is a part of the marketing system that you get a domain name from GDI. When you will refer other people, they will also book a domain from GDI and in this way, you can also make a parallel affiliate earning from GDI as well. If you check with Better Business Bureau, you can see that daily income career network BBB report is always positive.

The earning from this program comes from two more different ways. First of all, you will earn some money when ever you will refer somebody.

Secondly, whenever any product is sold from your system, the next day you will get your commission credited to your PayPal account. Once you have made a large numbers of referrals under you, the process of earning becomes much easier and you can continue to earn money for the rest of your life.

Jermaine Steele


Daily Income Career Network Review

Published by admin on August 8th, 2011

Connect with the Daily Income Network if you are seeking for some online home based business. Working with them means you don’t need to spend any money to start your business. The Daily Income Career Network allows two types of jobs for their members like either you can hand over the system to others or you can also involve in the research work to work for the system.

According to Che Feemster, the owner of the company, in terms of your online career opportunities, the Daily Income Career Network is holistic in itself.  The program contains the auto-responder system for the emails that includes the messages, various signing up forms, training and contact manager, landing pages that includes simple instructions explaining how to join them and different money earning offers. The best part about the DICN is it costs you nothing.

Reasons for joining the Daily Income Network

While searching for the people to whom you can refer the DICN is almost unlimited as there are thousands of people who are in search for the jobs or some opportunity.  While marketing for the Daily Income Network you will find that its not like the limited product market, either there are millions of people all over the world seeking for such opportunities. More and more you refer more you will earn! While working with the DICN you are not selling anything rather you are lending the system to others.

The Daily Income Career Network is not limited to referring!

It is not necessary that working with the DICN means that you always have to refer it to others; instead, you can also make money by just creating your account and work within the system by helping the system in their research work. You earn income here on the hourly basis and by doing this simple research work you can really earn well. In online business you will find that the DICN is the only highly efficient program around that pay’s daily.

Continuously for 4 weeks the Daily Income Network is on the #1 position on the leaderboard of GDI. The company has established it in a much sounded way in the online business market. After joining the DICN you will be asked to get your domains from the GDI (Global Domains International).

After signing up with the GDI you get the some profitable services plus you can also enjoy  extra money while working for its affiliate program. This is easy as when you refer people the Daily Income Career Network at the same time you are referring them to GDI also.

Jermaine Steele