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Have you ever suffered from a dry, oily or itchy scalp?


About the brand

At Philip Kingsley we don’t just sell hair products, we bottle self-belief. We understand that it’s not how you look that defines you, it’s how you feel. We understand that hair is more than a style. Whether you have a hair health issue or you just harbour a desire that your hair could be enhanced, we can make a difference. From our Mayfair, London home, and using Trichology (the science of hair and scalp) as well as psychology, Philip Kingsley products, consultations and services deliver ‘Life changing hair’.

Philip Kingsley

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Designed to treat every hair concern, Philip Kingsley haircare will ensure you achieve salon-fresh tresses from the comfort of your home. From shampoo and hair masques to leave-in conditioner and hair treatments for split ends and damaged hair, Philip Kingsley products work to nourish, hydrate and restore from root to tip. The bestselling Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, the world’s first pre-shampoo conditioning treatment, is packed with nutrients to revive dehydrated locks and leave hair feeling silky, shiny and more manageable.
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