Backed by state of the art science and a legacy in innovation dating back to the 1960’s, Redken was the first company to take a scientific approach to hair and discover the formula that remains the alpha and omega of haircare to this very day: PROTEIN + MOISTURE + ACIDIC pH = HEALTHY HAIR.

Redken is trusted by millions of hair professionals worldwide and is loved by the fashion and beauty press for its scientific hair prescriptions to deliver powerful transformations that preserve the health of hair.


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Enjoy delicate yet effective skincare products by Redken

Redken Laboratories was founded in 1960 by Paula Kent, a young actress who found that the haircare and makeup products she had to use every day in Hollywood were too severe for her fine hair and soft skin. She searched for gentler products that wouldn't cause such allergic reactions and found nothing: which is why she established Redken, for people who needed products that combine high performance and gentle sensitivity.

The Redken launch consisted of just three products and a programme of education designed for hairdressers. Redken products were some of the first to introduce the concept of science-driven haircare, utilising protein technology in products with an acidic pH that matches the natural pH of skin and hair. Redken products were all recommended by cosmetologists and backed by what was, at the time, cutting-edge research.

Today, Redken maintains its position as a market-leading cosmetics brand for people who want clinically tested formulations for sensitive skin. LOOKFANTASTIC is an official UK stock list of Redken cosmetics and Redken haircare. If you're looking for hair care and skincare that's gentle but effective, shop the Redken range today for shampoos, moisturisers, and serums that bring out your natural beauty without causing a breakout.

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