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EZ Money Method Or ZNZ ONE? Mike Hobbs!

Published by admin on June 26th, 2012

 EZ Money Method is the latest and greatest hype and what is the difference between ZNZ ONE and My PC Backup?

Well ZNZ ONE I have been in for over a year now, brought in 100o’s of people and even went on to bring 100′s of those into Empower Network as well.

ZNZ ONE is a program that pays $20 per 1 offer like Credit etc. So for every person you refer you will make $20 not bad right? Well just recently MyPC Backup has broken on to the scene and is paying over $120 per referral that signs up for $4.95-$9.95. The only catch is that your prospects must keep the service for at least 28 days.

So what exactly is

MY PC Backup or EZ Money Method?

It is a cloud services online based data storage so you can back up your things like pictures, data, movies and anything else you may have on your computer.

So Mike Hobbs and Adam Whiting have based their sales funnel around MY PCBackup around. This gives you your own custom landing page and sales funnel to be able to sell this data storage through EZ Money Method sales funnel.

So whats the catch and how can a 2-3 year old company afford to pay $120 per sale? Especially on a $6 sale, well the fact of the matter is there is a dying need in todays world for mass storage as every thing is going digital. So if you have a product like MY PC Backup and sell it with dignity and get people to keep the service. Then this company will be able to pay us for years to come. So if you are tired of ZNZ ONE and looking for something that pays more.

EZ Money Method is the next thing out and is currently in beta testing and the only true catch is that you will only get paid every 4-6 weeks from MY PC Backup.

So you are probably thinking why do you keep saying MY PC Backup and then EZ Money Method? Well it is simple because EZ Money Method is the actual capture page and sales funnel provided by Mike Hobbs and Adam Whiting and the MY PC Backup is the actual service we are referring people over to.

So the paychecks or Pay-Pal payments you will receive will be from My PC Backup and not EZ Money Method. So if you are looking to make $120 per $6-$10 sale then you need to sign up now for EZ Money Method and start making money with My PC Backup TODAY! Then after we have many trainings and tutorials on how to market.

So join now and connect with me on Facebook so I can add you to our private EZ Money Method training group and you can meet the founders and some others that will no doubt help change your business and take it to the next level.


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