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What Is Payza? New Or Old? Alert Pay?

Published by admin on May 15th, 2012

Payza is the new payment processor on the block or are they? Payza actually launched May 14th 2012 and is taking over Alert Pay. Alert Pay is or was I should say a very well known payment processor for much of the world. But for some type of circumstance I have  not yet looked into they have been taken over with new design, website and overall features.

All I know is Alert Pay seemed to always have some type of minor issue like bank account verification or something like that. So like most know Pay-Pal is infamous for freezing internet marketers account or limiting their access. So for many Alert Pay or from now on out I promise to say Payza is a nice looking alternative.

I have made a video going over the website a bit and also got some footage of when Alert Pay was still Alert Pay. So if you are wondering whats the difference between Payza and Alert Pay well almost nothing except for:


Want Even More Services And Flexibility From Your Favorite Payment Processor? You Got It!

  • Smartphone & mobile phone friendly
  • Global bank wire loads in more currencies
  • Global bank wires in 4 currencies
  • Enhanced customer support
  • And more!


  • The same account (with your money in it)!
  • The same personal, business and financial information!
  • The same login and password!


The great thing is that you still have the same account as you had with Alert Pay, same login info, same username, same ole everything so the only thing you may notice is the new design and that its now called Payza!

So check out my video on the new site they call Payza and go ahead and sign up with my link somewhere on this page. I would do the same for you :)



Payza payment processor may very well be the solution for 2012 but you must make the choice! So take some time to review Payza and its new features and get used to your new Payza backoffice and decide if you want them to be your solution.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain using Payza as your new merchant or credit/debit card provider. So I will update this post as time passes and we will see if once Alert Pay now know as Payza is the honest solution.

2010-2012 has been a mini circus of payments being taken online, battles with Alert Pay being able to process certain transactions for certain companies and certain areas of the globe. So lets all hope that Payza is the payment processor we have all been waiting for!

Payza is claiming to have many, many new up and coming features so I will constantly update this blog with more Payza information in regards to them having the upperhand in regards to innovation.

Payza Review

Payza Reviews

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