Get Endless Leads From Craigslist and Backpage!

Published by admin on September 27th, 2011

So you are tired of your ads getting flagged on Craigslist right? Or maybe Backpage does not seem as nice as they used to be right? Maybe you have tried everything from article and video marketing, SEO, Pay per click advertising and maybe some traffic exchanges or safelists? Well at any rate I can relate to your struggle.

Up until about 9 months ago that is. See 9 months ago I was making about $800 a week with online CPA offers, Clickbank and Amazon products. But then Amazon banned California from promoting Amazon products. So I knew I had to think fast! But I also knew that Craigslist was one of the best places to be able to advertise. But you can only do like 2-3 ads every 48 hours and then to find out your ads got ghosted!

So I got fed up and bought course after course on Craigslist advertising just get sick and tired of looking for the solution to Craigslist. But I also knew my Amazon income was going to drop so I had to replace about $300 a week and knew if I had Craigslist to go with my already powerful online tactics I could reach an easy $5000 a month. I came to find a program and system that made me in the month of august over $4000 with this system alone not including my other income streams. Yes I am the real deal:)

Well time flew and yes I have a way to get you or me or anybody on Craigslist with as many accounts and ads as you may like! No LIE! I also am showing any newbies that buy my coaching a 12 video course on how everything from article and video marketing to PPC, SEO tactics and how to use safelists effectively. 

I have the full solution for you 

So real quick for those of you who do not know me. My name is Jermaine “Lead Monster” Steele I have been marketing online for about 3 years and have learned that hard work pays off!! Being that some of my accomplishments are but not limited to online:

* Making over $1500 in a single week with this same program

*Bringing in average of 8 people a week into GDI(Global Domains)

*Being able to generate over 100 leads in a single day (Yes I have proof)

I can and will help you to grow your online business if you are serious. I am only taking on the next 5 people due to the cost of the information. Now if you cannot afford to invest $397 to get all this  : 

* A technique that will allow you to post endless Craigslist ads

* 500 Backpage ads

* A Blog

* A 30 video series on WordPress

* My personal 12 video course

* 4 1 hour coaching sessions via Skype

Then I am not too sure you will make it in this industry! Because I am basically handing it to you on a silver platter and after I collect my $1985 total from my students I will begin to coach and train and not have any other focus for 2 weeks.

I also will tell you exactly how you can create and mold your own info product and make money that way too! You cannot pass this up because if you do it will be gone! I am honestly only coaching 5 people and this is not some scarcity ploy!

So I look forward to working with you and I know you are on a safelist or traffic exchange right now because this is the only place I put this ad. But on over 56 safelists so this will go fast!

I will get you to the point where you are getting at least 20 leads a day guarantee !

Jermaine “Lead Monster” Steele



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