Published by admin on June 3rd, 2012

So you are looking for ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH to see if its a scam or maybe just wondering does ZNZ really work right? Well let me tell you a story about how I can across ZNZ ONE and have been able to have $2000 weeks with this program and many others online.

So back in March 2011 I was let go from my job of many, many years from 1997-2011 I worked for a fast food restaurant. I started at age 15 and up until age 29 I loved what I did here but then I started to realize I was not able to see all of my kids games and go to awards ceremonies like it should be.

Here is my old team!


So I decided to set off online and see what I could do to make an income, so I started affiliate marketing and would write articles for money, do videos or side jobs on Fiverr, do CPA marketing and Amazon which all made me fairly decent money considering I was doing this part time. So after a couple of years doing this and fast forward to March 2011. I was let go for something I could not control.

I then knew I would be fine even with car payments, mortgage, kids etc.. But I kicked my butt into over drive and started marketing and exposing others. So one of my good friends asked me to write him a article about znz, this is the actual article that started it all —> ZNZ ONE

So once I wrote this article about ZNZ ONE I decided to join myself and I went on to sign up over 2200 people into this opportunity. I in June of last year met a now good friend that was searching online for another opportunity called Auto X Ten this company has since went out of business but sprouted on of my most closest business partners.

So I met a guy by the name of Desmond Akil Smith who was into Network Marketing at the time and he followed me into affiliate marketing, but was pretty much already his own BEAST I showed a few things and he tore ZNZ ONE up! So we continued to work together through struggles and making money.

Then November came and he joined a company called Empower Network and since then we have both been able to produce a 5 figure monthly income and are flying out this week of this article and hanging out with David Wood and David Sharpe the co founders of Empower Network. He introduced me into Empower Network and I am still thankful to this day! Here is why:


 This is one days pay!


So if you are  looking into ZNZ ONE and ZNZ BIG CASH it is a great way to feed people into your other opportunities and make more $$ So get started with ZNZ ONE or Empower Network today by investing time and money into yourself and stop buying crappy software that you do not know what it does!



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